Andy Carroll Driving School, providing driving lessons in and around Gloucester.

Safe driving for life. AFFORDABLE driving lessons with a high first time pass rate. 2018 PASS RATE 71%, 41 passes from 58 tests taken. 





(New learner is someone who has never driven before)




Please note: You must give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellations to avoid being charged for the lesson.


I am a fully qualified Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor (based in Gloucester) known as an ADI. I have been a driving instructor for many years and I will help you become a safe and skilled driver. My driving lessons are very competitively priced starting from £27.


Why Choose Andy Carroll Driving School ? We provide competitive driving lesson prices, we adapt our teaching style to suit your learning needs, we offer flexible lesson times and most important, we are highly recommended by our students. See our lessons reviews page to see how our students have found the driving lessons experience.


Terms and Conditions:- 24 hours notice of lesson cancellation must be given to avoid being charged for the lesson  



The below students are the 10 most recent students to pass their driving test.

Name-Stacey Ireland ,Date-26 Nov 18,Comment-Passed first time. Congratulations!!!!Name-Harry Hughes,Date-30 Oct 18,Comment-Passed first time. Congratulations !!!!Name-Harry Aston Neale,Date-29 Oct 18,Comment-Passed first time. Congratulations !!!!Name-Tarik Sabin,Date-24 Oct 18,Comment-Passed first time. Congratulations !!!!Name-Leanne Cornock,Date-16 Oct 18,Comment-Passed on her second attempt. Congratulations !!!!Name-Gift Sankoh,Date-15 Oct 18,Comment-Passed on his second attempt. Congratulations !!!!Name-Niamh Pritchard,Date-10 Oct 18,Comment-Passed first time. Congratulations !!!!Name-Molly Berry,Date-09 Oct 18,Comment-Passed on her second attempt. Congratulations !!!!Name-Lauren Essex,Date-26 Sep 18,Comment-Passed first time. Congratulations !!!!Name-Toby Shelton,Date-25 Sep 18,Comment-Passed on his second attempt. Congratulations !!!!startSwitchGallery

So you want to learn to drive ?

What is driving? Is it being able to control the speed and direction of the car? Well yes, but that is not all of it. It is also having the abilty to 'read the road', to see what is happening both in front, to the sides and behind you and to react accordingly. To anticipate what could happen and plan your driving to be safe should it happen, what dangers might be around that blind bend, who could walk out from behind that lorry. Together we will develop your skills in all these aspects together with your core driving skills to ensure you become a safe skilled driver deserving of that pass from an examiner. I will help you in all aspects of learning to drive, from passing the theory test to achieving your practical driving test pass. All tuition will be delivered one to one and at a pace to suit you, not me the Instructor.

My teaching style is friendly, patient and reliable. I treat each student as an individual and pride myself on always being patient. I know it's not an easy thing to learn to do and even though you're trying your best it doesn't always happen immediately, but with patience we will work together to solve the problem. Some students are very nervous and let's be fair the roads can be very busy and it can be scary, but with patience your confidence will grow as your abilities increase. I have a proven record for helping nervous drivers become very good safe drivers and that is the aim with everyone. My main aim is to make you a very safe and skilled driver. Once you have achieved that, passing the practical driving test is a natural progression.

How long will it take to pass? How much will it cost? I can only speak for myself, but I have taught hundreds of people to drive and whilst everone is different and some learn quicker than others, my pupils average 25 hours to test success.

Andy Carroll Driving Instructor Gloucester
Pass Plus Registered Instructor Approved Driving Instructor