Driving Lessons Prices and options.

Yes you can find cheaper, but ask yourself why they are cheaper. Are these cheaper lessons good value? Will you spend the whole hour driving or will you spend a good deal of it parked up talking about driving, rather than driving and then have a ten minute debrief at the end of the lesson. It can often be the case that cheaper lessons work out more expensive over the length of time it takes to pass your test.

In short you will receive exactly what you are paying for. High quality driving lessons where you drive, receiving one to one tuition and a door to door service.

All weekend and Stroud lessons are charged at a higher rate of £30 per hour  

Terms and conditions;

Please remember 24 hours notice of cancellation of a lesson is required to avoid being charged for that lesson. 

if, having paid for a block booking, you find you cannot complete the block booking and request a refund, then all lessons taken to date revert to the full price. There will also be a charge, of the cost of 1 hour, to cover time spent arranging and delivering the refund. 


Lesson Description



Brand new learner Gloucester Never driven before

2 hour lesson


all learners Gloucester

1 hour lesson


Refresher lessons Gloucester

1 hour lesson


Motorway lessons

One and a half hour lesson


Stroud Lessons

Must be a 2 hour lesson so 2 x 30


Pass Plus

6 hours of lessons delivered in 3 x 2 hour sessions


Block booking

10 hours of lessons Stroud 290


Block booking

20 hours of lessons Stroud 570